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Teen Awards 2015: Red Carpet Madness

So! Last week was the Teen Awards took place at the famous Wembley Stadium. I was given the opportunity to work on the event  (whoop whoop). My work invovled a bit of everything, from working on the red carpet to backstage and ushering the tinie bops (young people) around the building.





Before the stage performances kicked off there were thousands of overexcited adolecence queing up to see who would appear on the red carpet . There were instant high pitched screams of excitement when the crowd thought Justin Beiber had appeared (who was really the Radio 1 presenter chris moyles lol!). I found that devasting moment so hilarious! The frantic screams quickly turned to silent straight faces!

Apart from the fake celebrity stunt, strutting on the red carpet were the likes of Little mix, Nick Grimshaw and Demi Lovato.

I know you want to see some visuals so here’s some snaps for ya!

Grimmey giving us his trademark grin!






Little Mix
Little Mix onstage