Outfit Of The Day! Uni Swag

I love this mosaic elephant!



I woke up this morning and realised I had less than 20 minutes to get ready! So I thought ‘hmm’ my outfit has to match my hat to cover this birds nest of hair that I honestly cannot be bothered to touch. I picked out my camo long sleeve from Topshop to match the weather. It looked ever so cold outside when I peaked through my window but when I got outside it was actually a warm day. I matched it with a pair of black ripped jeans and my Jordan Futures.

When attend Uni I always go for the relaxed ‘I couldn’t be bothered today’ look. Im going to try and make more of an effort though


Hat Footlocker

Camo Jacket Topshop 

Ripped Jeans Topshop

Jordans Footlocker