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Picture taken in 2015, fish monger have been forced to leave but the carpet shop still stands. (c) Aprilstylesblog
(c) Aprilstyesblog
(C) Aprilstylesblog

I’m at the BBC Academy Graduation

Receiving my certificate
Receiving my certificate

Over the past 12 months I have been working at the BBC as an Apprentice. This was a really big step for me as I had to take a gap year out of my University course. I feel this is the best thing any student can do in terms of finding out what area you would like to work in. Many students often do not know what they would like to do once they finish university, an apprenticeship offers experience within a full time work setting giving you a taster of real working life!

Early last year I took part in the Stephen Lawrence BBC Trainee scheme which lead to me to be fast tracked to the interview stage for the BBC Production Apprenticeship.

Securing a place on my Apprenticeship was the best thing I could have done! I learnt so many practical, transferable skills that I would have never have learnt by just completing a 3 year University degree. I was given the opportunity to work on many BBC productions from Watchdog, The One Show, Live Events and working with DJ’s on Radio 1Xtra!

BBC Graduates
BBC Graduates 2015 me, Vay and Jatinder

So today was the BIG DAY! My graduation, celebrating all my achievements and experienes throughout my 12 month stint at the BBC. My Apprenticeship had its ups and downs but I pulled through till the end! A job was never guaranteed, however many students secured jobs before the end of their apprenticeship.

Me and the Director of BBC Television
Me and the Director of BBC Television

However I have decided to return to my University degree and use the skills I have learnt to complete my BA in Media and Cultural studies. What would you have done?

Use the poll to tell me what you think. 

Teen Awards 2015: Red Carpet Madness

So! Last week was the Teen Awards took place at the famous Wembley Stadium. I was given the opportunity to work on the event  (whoop whoop). My work invovled a bit of everything, from working on the red carpet to backstage and ushering the tinie bops (young people) around the building.





Before the stage performances kicked off there were thousands of overexcited adolecence queing up to see who would appear on the red carpet . There were instant high pitched screams of excitement when the crowd thought Justin Beiber had appeared (who was really the Radio 1 presenter chris moyles lol!). I found that devasting moment so hilarious! The frantic screams quickly turned to silent straight faces!

Apart from the fake celebrity stunt, strutting on the red carpet were the likes of Little mix, Nick Grimshaw and Demi Lovato.

I know you want to see some visuals so here’s some snaps for ya!

Grimmey giving us his trademark grin!






Little Mix
Little Mix onstage








Outfit Of The Day! Uni Swag

I love this mosaic elephant!



I woke up this morning and realised I had less than 20 minutes to get ready! So I thought ‘hmm’ my outfit has to match my hat to cover this birds nest of hair that I honestly cannot be bothered to touch. I picked out my camo long sleeve from Topshop to match the weather. It looked ever so cold outside when I peaked through my window but when I got outside it was actually a warm day. I matched it with a pair of black ripped jeans and my Jordan Futures.

When attend Uni I always go for the relaxed ‘I couldn’t be bothered today’ look. Im going to try and make more of an effort though


Hat Footlocker

Camo Jacket Topshop 

Ripped Jeans Topshop

Jordans Footlocker